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Vastu for Home

Vastu Shastra Tips & Ideas for Home: Vastu shastra is a science of construction, designing and architecture to place things so that they give positive energy. When it comes to vastu shastra tips for home, you must take care of placement and facing of things at home to get positive energy. Given below is the vastu suggestion for everything we have in our home. Read it, Observe it and Implement it to get positive vibes in home.

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Vastu shastra for home is the form of ancient science that provides a set of guidelines to help people build their office, homes, shops and other forms of constructions in a way that is better for healthy living as well as the creation of overall prosperity. There have been numerous misconceptions with regards to the actual reason behind Vastu Shastra for home. However, the same can be simplified into few tips and tricks that define the constructing and designing with regards to the basic vastu for home.

Vastu Shastra Tips for Entire Home

Let’s take a look at some of the top points to be followed when it comes to Vastu tips for home. However, you can find vastu suggestion for entire home as listed above. We have covered every place of home which should be constructed as per vastu shastra and tips for making it vastu compliant.

Vastu Facts for Plots:

Before you indulge in getting yourself a land for building your home, make sure you buy one that is of rectangular shape or any other regular one. Ensuring this helps wastage of any kind of land as stated under the Vastu Shastra tips for house. Most of the time, people prefer a plot that is North, east or west facing one. This helps in providing the occupants with a nice entrance as per basic Vastu for home. However, this is not to say that the plots facing south are bad but they are the last option when it comes to getting a Vastu compliant plot.

Vastu Suggestions for Building Position:

You can get a lot of free Vastu tips in numerous internet forums when it comes to determining the exact position of a building while making your dream home, It is generally advised that one should keep more space towards the East and North side of your house according to Vastu Shastra for home. As per the Vastu Shastra tips for house, this helps in proper air circulation as well as ventilation.

Vastu Shastra Tips for House Entry:

If you are deciding about the entry gate of your home, you can get various free Vastu tips for home entry at our website where we help you with basic and expert vastu tips for you house. Basic vastu shastra tips are free but for expert vastu suggestions you can consult with our experts at a nominal fee. As per the basic Vastu tips for house, it is advised to build the entry towards the East and North facing side which is mostly the cooler direction facilitating great ventilation.

Expert Vastu Suggestions for Kitchen in Home:

A Kitchen in the home, is where you cook food which is a source of life. This why kitchen should never be neglected when it comes to Vastu for your house. It is generally advised to homeowners that the kitchen should be built in the southeastern periphery of your house as suggested in terms of Vastu for kitchen. The reason behind opting for this location is keeping the warmth in the family as intact as possible with good food and health.

Bathroom and Toiletries in Home:

Bathroom in your home is a place where you clean the day’s dirt with water. A bathroom needs to be calm and serene to help the facilitation of relaxed atmosphere while taking a shower. The best way to do that is to build the same as per the rules of Vastu for bathroom. As stated under vastu for bathroom and toiletries, it should be constructed around the west and south facing area of your house. This helps remove the toxins from the body and carrying them away from the house. It also protects the house from any kind of external heat.

Staircase in home, An Important place as per Vastu:

Staircases should mostly be built around the west or south part of your house. This is generally stated that one should climb the same starting with East towards west direction, or else from North towards south direction following a clockwise movement fashion. These ergonomics for Vastu for staircase for you home have been designed to reduce any kind of accident while climbing the staircase.

Know Vastu facts for Bedroom in home:

Bedrooms in your home are of utmost importance during the construction of a house. Owners should ensure that the construction of the room is complaint with vastu for bedroom. It should always be constructed in the periphery which is south-west of the house. It should also be the highest portion of your house.

Vastu is a vast sphere of ancient science that comes with loads of viewpoints to be considered while building a house. Make sure you plan your home properly with the help of a vastu expert to ensure a good flow or positivity and happiness throughout your house.